CasaLuna: CBD Chocolate Bar


About the item:

CasaLuna’s CBD Chocolate Bar is 100% natural. It is produced using naturally cultivated cocoa trees. It doesn’t contain any simulated added substance, lecithin, and vanilla. It additionally comes in 14 unique flavors, empowering you to pick a flavor as per your preferring. Each flavor likewise accompanies diverse packs of CBD in them.

A standard 50g chocolate bar contains 20mg of concentrated CBD. In the event that you need something that is super focused, you can have a 30g bar which contains 60mg of CBD Chocolate Manufacturer. It arrives in a helpful bundling wherein you will have the capacity to convey it wherever you go.

What We Like About It:

Comes in various flavors and CBD focuses;

Helpful bundling, advantageous and in a hurry;


Legitimate and veggie lover endorsed.

Made by Hemp’s Therapeutic – CBD Chocolate

About the Product:

This chocolate bar arrives in a resealable bundle. Each bundle contains four segments which you can chip off effectively. Each area contains 15mg of CBD, making each bundle an aggregate of 60mg CBD.

It just comes in three distinct flavors, to be specific:

Caramel Coconut – Made with drain chocolate, coconut, and a shower of caramel.

Peach Hazelnut – It comes in sweetened white chocolate with an essence of hazelnut.

Raspberry Cinnamon – If you appreciate dim chocolate with a trace of raspberry and cinnamon, at that point you will this way.

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